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Adding News to NavHub

Anyone can add their own news article to the NavHub. The news section is now a decentralised publication about all the things happening in the NavCoin community. We’ve implemented an Content Management System to the site as a way for non-developers to add their articles. There’s still a few steps that need to take place, so be sure to read this guide if you want to contribute.

To add a news article to the NavHub, you must first have a GitHub account. If you don’t have a GitHub account, please sign up for one here: https://github.com

Once you’ve registered for GitHub, you’ll need to be added as a collaborator to the NavHub repository. Please contact one of the NavCoin Core Developers to be added as a collaborator. The best way to contact the Core Developers is through the NavCoin Discord Server: https://discord.gg/y4Vu9jw

Once you’ve been added as a collaborator, accept the invite via email and proceed to the NavHub Admin section.


Make sure you have the trailing slash on the URL or the admin section won’t load.

Press the “Login with GitHub” button and login to GitHub.

Authorise the NavHub app.

You will now see the NavHub Admin section.

To add a new News Article click the “New News” button at the top right of the centre column.

Add your title, author name, publish date and featured image.

Featured images should be 984 x 642 with any text vertically centred like so:

The vertical centring of the text is important for when the image is cropped into a thumbnail for the /news listings page as shown below:

When writing the body of the post, make sure you specify the excerpt of the post to display on the /news listing page. You can do this by inserting the <!–more–> tag where you want the excerpt to end.

The first paragraph of your post will be used as the excerpt and won’t display on the actual news item. If you want the excerpt to be the first paragraph of the news article, you will need to repeat the first paragraph before and after the <!–more–> tag.

Continue to format your post, you can insert images, headings, lists, links and more.

Once you’re happy with the post, click the save button up the top on the left.

When you save your article, a pull request will be automatically opened on NavHub GitHub repository. The only way which articles can pushed to the live site is after being approved by multiple collaborators through GitHub and then it can be merged into the Master branch. Trying to publish your news article through the NavHub Admin section directly will not work.

Find your pull request here:


You can preview your changes by clicking “show all checks” and then the “details” link next to the Netlify deploy preview.

If you need to make changes, go back to the NavHub Admin section, click “Workflow” in the top column, find your entry and click on it to edit. Make sure you save any changes.

Back on your GitHub pull request, you can assign reviewers by using the “Reviewers” setting cog in the right column. Once the minimum number of required successful reviews has been reached, you will be able to click the “Merge Pull Request” button  and then delete your branch as a tidy up step.

Once the article is merged into the master branch, Netlify will automatically build and deploy the changes to NavHub.org very quickly, usually within one minute.

If you have any problems or questions, please talk to one of the NavCoin Core Developers or NavHub Contributors on discord.

Updated on May 26, 2018

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