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How to change the installation path of the NavCoin Core Wallet

These steps will teach you how to run NavCoin Core from another direction than the Appdata folder. This can be used if your C:\ drive is full or slow.

Go to the folder where your navcoin-qt.exe is currently located. You can do this two ways:

Either go to your Explorer and open C:\Programs\NavCoin where you will find the .exe or go via your Desktop / Start Menu shortcut, right-click that and select “Open file path”.

Create a shortcut by right-clicking and selecting “Create shortcut”. Move this shortcut to the desired location from where you want to run the Core Wallet (e.g. D:\NavCoin).

Right-click the shortcut and select “Properties”.

Attach the following to the “Target”-field outside of the quotations:


Replace D:\dir1\dir2\NavCoin with the path you want the files to be saved in.

Click “OK” and launch NavCoin-qt via the shortcut. Keep in mind that this will create an entirely new data folder so it will create a new wallet.dat and will start syncing the blockchain. Once you first launched the Wallet you can take the files from the Appdata folder and paste them into the new directory to skip these steps.

Updated on September 3, 2018

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