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How do I get coins out of the Electrum wallet and into NavPay?

After the NavCoin hardfork implemented in December, an unexpected side effect was that the NavCoin Electrum wallet has been unable to sign transactions. The NavCoin Electrum wallet is a product line which we are discontinuing in favour of NavPay. With the signature issue and the recently reported security vulnerabilities in Bitcoin Electrum, we urge all NavCoin Electrum users to follow this guide and move their funds to NavPay.

We have created an import feature in NavPay which can help you extract your NAV. The process is documented here with step by step instructions:

Moving NAV from the NavCoin Electrum to NavPay Desktop

1. Download and install NavPay version 4.0.1 from our website: https://navcoin.org/navpay/#download

2. Open your NavCoin Electrum Wallet and make sure it is synchronised.

3. Go to the “Addresses” tab and find an addresses that has a balance showing on this screen (you may need to expand the “used” addresses item).

4. Right click on the NAV address with balance  and click “private key” from the menu.

5. Enter your password if prompted and click “OK”.

6. Copy the private key by clicking the blue copy icon in the bottom right of the screen.

7. Open NavPay v4.0.1 and if you haven’t already, go through the setup and backup process.

8. In NavPay, click on the settings icon in the bottom right.

9. Scroll down the list and then click on “Advanced”.

10. In the Advanced Settings, click on “Sweep Private Key”

11. Paste in the private key you copied from NavCoin Electrum and click the “Sweep paper wallet” from the menu that appears.

12. You should see the NAV balance of the NavCoin Electrum address display.


13. Choose the NavPay wallet you want to sweep the coins into if you have multiple wallets.

14. Click the “sweep” button at the top right of the screen.

15. The wallet will create a transaction using the private key supplied.

16. The funds will be sent from your NavCoin Electrum address to one which is owned by your NavPay wallet.

17. Repeat steps 4 – 16 for any addresses which have a NAV balance in your NavCoin Electrum wallet.

Once all your NAV is transferred to your NavPay wallet, you are now no longer reliant on NavCoin Electrum and can remove the software from your computer. We realise that this process is less than ideal, especially if you have coins spread out many addresses, but we have tried to make it as easy as we can. NavPay has a range of benefits over Electrum including the ability to send Private Payments from the wallet, so we are sure you will enjoy the new wallet once you’re switched over.

If you have any problems with this process, please join us on Discord or our Support Forum where a friendly Moderator or Senior Community Member will be able to assist you making the transition.


Updated on January 28, 2018

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