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How to import Paper Wallet funds into NavPay

Importing your Paper Wallet private key into NavPay makes your funds more accessible and does not require you to download the blockchain.

Importing the private key into NavPay

To sweep the private key open NavPay and click on “Scan” at the bottom. Simply scan the QR code that is labelled “Private Key” on your Paper Wallet.

A menu will open allowing you to select “Sweep Paper Wallet”.┬áIf you encrypted your Paper Wallet you will now be asked to enter your BIP-38 passphrase to decrypt it.

NavPay will scan the blockchain for transactions on that address and will determine if there are any funds associated to it.

If there are you get the option to change the wallet the private key will be swept in to. Click on the wallet to change it to another one included in your NavPay app.

After you selected the wallet you want the funds in simply click “Sweep” at the top and the funds will show up on your wallet.

After you have imported a private key from a Paper Wallet you should no longer use it for cold storing purposes and instead create a new one.

Updated on April 24, 2018

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