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My Coins Haven’t Arrived to/from the Exchange?

Transactions to and from exchanges can take longer than regular transactions as exchanges may need to clear the funds before sending/placing them in your exchange account.

However there are a few things you can do to check if your transaction has succeeded.

  • Check in your wallet to see if the transaction has been validated by the network and isn’t still waiting to be sent.
    For example in the Core Wallet, open the transactions tab and right click on the relevant transaction, and select the “Show transaction details” option and check that it has at least 1 confirmation.
  • Check the transaction ID of your transaction exists on a block explorer, if it’s not there it might not have been broadcast yet.
    You can check your transaction on the block explorer by following this guide: How do i view my transaction on the block explorer?
  • If you’re transferring NAV to your NavCoin Core Wallet or NavPi for the first time, make sure that your wallet is fully synced with the blockchain. Until your wallet is synced up to the block which included your transaction, the balance will not be visible yet. If your wallet is still syncing, but you can see the transaction on the block explorer then all you need to do is wait.

If your sending to an exchange and the transaction is showing as confirmed on the block explorer but it’s taking a long time to be credited to your exchange account, you may have to open a support ticket with your exchange to resolve the issue.

Updated on January 28, 2018

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