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How to fix NavPay QR Scanner

If you are receiving an error message when accessing the QR Scanner, it may have accidently been blocked.

To restart and gain access to the QR scanner, please try one of the following methods

Method 1 – Close and restart the App or Browser

On android, iOS or desktop, completely close and shut down the browser or app. This will clear the local state from your device.

Method 2 – Restart your device

If method 1 does not work for you. You can restart your entire device, this will clear some of the remembered setting from your device.

Method 3 – Delete your local cache

As a final resort, you can delete the local cache from your phone or browser. This is different for each browser and device, please search online for the method that suits your device.

This will delete your NavPay data from the phone, please ensure you have backed up your Seedphrase / Passphrase before deleting the cache.

Updated on May 7, 2018

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