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What is NavCoin?

NavCoin is a tool for transfer of value. It is open-source with no central authority. Every transaction is peer to peer. You have total control of your coins.

NavCoin was created on 2014 with no pre-mine or ICO. With block time of 30 seconds, users can stake their coins to try to find the next block and earn the rewards through Proof of Stake version 3 (POSv3). With current supply of 66,768,000 NAV and block reward of 2.5 NAV, this yields a 4% inflation rate that will slowly decrease over time.

NavCoin’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) enables the community to be self-funded through community fund, self-guided through consultations, and self-governed through consensus changes. Users can participate DAO through staking. Each stake is equal to one vote.

NavCoin strives to provide adequate privacy to users. Previous privacy protocol has been disabled for an upgrade in September 2018 due to lack of adequate privacy. The protocol to implement, ZeroCT, was again cancelled in early 2019 due to the bug in zerocoin protocol. The developers are currently working on a new privacy protocol, blsCT, which will be confidential, untraceable, unlinkable.

NavCoin has implemented many features on top of the core wallet. These include cold-staking, open-alias, dandelion++, NavCash, NavPool, NEXT wallets, and mobile wallets, many of which are fully funded through NavCoin’s DAO system.