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How to manually add peer nodes to NavCoin Core?

We will be modifing your wallet’s configuration file, so first locate your NavCoin data directory, you can find it by following this guide.

Open the file called navcoin.conf in a text editor, if you don’t have a file called navcoin.conf in the navcoin4 folder, create a new file with the name navcoin.conf.

Next, in your web browser, go to https://chainz.cryptoid.info/nav/#!network and click node list for newest version in the list (this should be the top of the list, in this example below it’s /NavCoin:4.5.2/)

where to find the node list

Copy all the addnode ... text from the window that pops up, paste it into your navcoin.conf file. and save.


After adding the nodes, close and reopen your wallet, it should now try to connect to all of the nodes you added to your navcoin.conf file.