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How to restore your NavCoin Core wallet from a backup?


To restore your wallet back up first you need a few things:

– Your wallet.dat file – The password you used to encrypt your wallet.dat (if your wallet is encrypted) – The latest version of the NavCoin Core Wallet software. (You can find a guide on upgrading to the latest version here) - Make sure that the NavCoin Core software is closed

Import the wallet

First, open your NavCoin data directory (you can locate it by following this guide). Once inside the directory, if there is an existing wallet.dat file, rename it to old_wallet.dat and move the wallet.dat that you wish to import into NavCoin Core into the data directory.

Open your wallet

Now you can launch the NavCoin Core wallet and it will load in your wallet.dat file. If this wallet was encrypted you will need the encryption password if you want to be able to do things like send coins.


Keep a copy of old_wallet.dat if you need to, otherwise you can delete it. Just make sure that you don’t have any coins inside it before you do.