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Backup your wallet.dat

To ensure you don’t lose any coins while making configuration changes to your NavPi, it’s essential to backup the wallet.dat file. This holds your private keys. With a backup of the wallet.dat you can always restore your wallet.

Using the WebUI

First, make sure your have encrypted your wallet. Then proceed with the following:

  1. Open the WebUI
  2. Go to control
  3. Scroll down to security
  4. Click Backup Wallet. This will download the wallet.dat file to your preferred device (USB, HD)
  5. Save the wallet backup and rename it to wallet.dat

Using the console

sudo cp /home/stakebox/.navcoin4/wallet.dat /home/stakebox/.navcoin4/wallet.dat.bak

Transfer to external drive

Before proceeding with any upgrades or configuration changes to your Core Wallet or NavPi, you should additionally transfer your wallet backup to an external hard drive, or several hard drives and keep in a safe place.

Updated on July 25, 2018

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