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How to bootstrap your Core Wallet

What is “Bootstrapping”?

Bootstrapping is the process of adding a pre-synced blockchain from a trusted source to your wallet, allowing you to skip part or all of the blockchain syncing process.

Automatic Bootstrap:

If your Core Wallet is version 4.3.0 or higher you will be able to use the automatic bootstrapping built into the wallet.

In the toolbar under ‘File’ select ‘Bootstrap Wallet’.
A window will pop up with a URL in it. You can replace this URL with a bootstrap source of your choice, or click okay to get the latest bootstrap from the NavCoin Core developers.

! Warning !
After clicking okay your wallet will close, and it will proceed to download the blockchain bootstrap when you reopen it. This file is quite large (2.2GB~)

Manually bootstrap:

To bootstrap your core wallet there are a few steps.

First, if you don’t have a back up of your wallet.dat make sure you do as that’s best practice. To learn how to back it up, read How to encrypt and back up your NavCoin Core wallet

Download the latest bootstrap from here:


Warning: This is a large file, about 2.8GB

Next extract the downloaded bootstrap-navcoin_mainnet.tar to somewhere on your computer.

To do this you’ll need a program like 7zip if you’re on Windows.

If you’re on Mac OSX you can use the operating system’s built in tool Archiver, and if you’re on Linux you’ll need to unzip using the terminal command.

tar -xvf /path/to/bootstrap.tar


Once you’ve extracted the bootstrap, you’ll need to make sure you’ve closed your Core Wallet to prevent any issues with moving the files. Inside the extracted folder will be two folders, “chainstate” and “blocks”, you will need these after the next step.

Next, in your file browser navigate your NavCoin data directory which will be in a different location depending on your operating system.


C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\NavCoin4\


~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4/



For Windows and OSX, the AppData or its containing folder may be hidden. You’ll need to google how to show hidden files on your particular operating system and version.

Once you’re in the folder you’ll need to delete the “chainstate” and “blocks” folders. Followed by moving the “chainstate” and “blocks” folders from where you extracted the bootstrap tar, into the the NavCoin4 folder.

When the move is complete you can start up your wallet again, which will reindex the blockchain and then resume syncing new blocks from network from the point where the bootstrap’s blockchain ends.


Updated on November 24, 2018

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